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3 responses to “Revolva Online

  1. Giancarlo Campagna

    thanks again for the hula and for the gentle nudge with the reminder to not go to sleep. as a caretaker to my son I find myself often terribly exhausted. getting out in the warm air for a run with my wife and son lead us to picking up some dried lavendar down there at the ferry building and getting a chance to see you revolve. as an artist myself it is always humbling and reasurring to find commited performers such as yourself doing the work that you love. it also affirms for me that artists have a necessary wonderful clarity about how one can live this life out.

  2. how can i follow your blog???

    • There should be a button at the top of this very page page, embedded in wordpress, that says “follow.” 🙂 You can also follow me on twitter or facebook, where I usually post the links to whatever I write — and also show dates, fun videos, etc.

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