Who’s that girl?

Revolva first hit the stage at age four as a “dancing poodle” in a Detroit-area ballet class. After a lifetime of dancing, acting and word slinging (she doubles as a writer), she added hoops to her repertoire in 2002. Audiences as far away as Germany and South Korea have never been the same.

Over the years, Revolva has taken the cabaret world by storm, thrilled corporate clients, opened for bands, riled up the crowd during halftime shows, made people laugh and brought crowds to standing ovations. Vaudeville is her game. While she can blow you away freestyling to live music, she really shines with her over-the-top character numbers. Her mantra? “Funny IS sexy!” In other words, she enjoys exploding onto the stage as the lady from Flashdance or a space woman conquering the rings of Saturn.

Now based in Oakland, CA, Revolva fuses hoop skills with writing chops to prove that storytelling and the movement arts are a truly dynamic duo. Click here to check out Revolvahoopdance.com.


2 responses to “Who’s that girl?

  1. Revolva!

    Hope you’re well, girl. I’ve got a hoop dance retreat to Bali happening next March. You can find the deets at http://www.sacredcircularities.com. It’s going to be awesome. It would be great to hang with you in Bali!


  2. Hey there, your blog on “do you have a job” is being shared like crazy by myself and friends on facebook, really lovely work that nails it! As a film-maker and performer, it was a beautiful thing to share with other friends who don’t know the non stop hustle. Annnd, I’d like to book you for our Tourettes Without Regrets variety show, please contact me at jamiedewolf@gmail.com

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